Big Tech Growth from Service & CX Engagement Management

Big Tech Growth from Service & CX Engagement Management

Big Tech companies maintain growth by staying on the leading edge of business. They are successful because of a steadfast focus in being able to stay in touch with their customers and be ahead of the curve of demand, to help customers and clients recognize business leads, and manage the resources to deliver the incremental and long term gains.

Fueling health, safety, essential services, work from home, and more online shopping. Its clear tech leaders need to manage engagement to keep services steadfast, enable people to stay connected, and help Enterprises scale their practices to meet new demands. Winners in this space now include:

  • Microsoft has seen 34% growth by managing Momentum Volatility and Quality Value. They are making continued investments in technology making them the steady resilient market leaders, leadership, demands, Engagement, better use of technology and managed engagements.
  • ServiceNow is recognizing and impressive 24% growth by leading new SAAS value during crisis, helping Healthcare, Big Tech, Essential Enterprises to tap the power of IT Service Management.
  • Apple and Facebook have grown 11% during the pandemic, by helping business and individuals stay connected, shelter at home, look for work, and keep current on Covid, Wildfires, health, friends, business.

Now that we are a half year into the Covid-19 Global Pandemic with the year 2020 ushering in a new era of change in resource, pacing, and service offering.

Enterprise Service Management practices, that recognize the importance of understanding, invest in talent that can embed the pace of the pandemic with the value stream intentions of ITIL 4, into Service Design, Service Engagement, Service Delivery, and overarching Service Management Practices.

How do we know we can drive the needed changes after Covid-19 Global Pandemic changed our business, marketing, security and IT Service delivery model?

Quality Customer Experience involves far more than replacing Waterfall with Agile or Agile Scrum at the Project Management Level. The issue is not if you have PRINCE2, PMI, or PMP. You can be certified in ITIL 4, PMP, and Service Management and still not be able to get things done.

What are you doing to deliver value?

How are you managing change and risks around change?

How do you know you are delivering what the customer needs now?

Dawn C Simmons, San Francisco Bay Area IT Service Management Forum
Ask for what we need to be successful

ITIL 4 calls for a holistic approach. Thinking outside the box of our legacy.

Modern Methods

‘E2E service management from demand to recognized value

How do you preserve the Customer or Client Experience alignment from demand to delivery value?

What strategies do you use for identifying, analyzing and partnering for client’ business success?

How do you maintain present and central visibility and support communication channels with all levels of stakeholders supporting the client experience?

Legacy Asks

Do you have ITIL Certification?

Do you have PMI Certification?

Do you have Microsoft Project and Visio Experience or some equivalent?

Do you have 5 years or more of scrum experience?

We must learn to align all focus on creating a world class customer or client experience, that is the heart of business. Aligning hearts and minds to the present state people, process and tools/systems challenges, and creating a strategy to translate the Client’s Business Requirements into uncommon business value.

It is all possible, but we must ask better questions, when staffing key roles, to make sure we are not recruiting to the legacy, but enabling a world class team, focused on understanding the vision for customer success and delivering that value.

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