Covid-19 driving Investment in Digital Transformation, CX & ITSM

Covid-19 driving Investment in Digital Transformation, CX & ITSM

Covid-19 has reshaped IT Investments, however far from halting business activity. Some of the leading challenges companies of all sizes are experiencing is the need for digital transformation and improvement of service support, service delivery, and service management.

Months into the Covid-19 Global Pandemic, and here are some things smart companies are looking to develop to keep pace with an increase in support complexity, service demands, and crisis and critical resource management. Our sense of “familiarity” and “routine” has certainly impacted our World Economy and how we do business:

A Post Covid-19 Global Pandemic Recovery, according to Chris Howard of Gartner Group, identifies 3 main activities where Business Strategy must evolve include:

  • Response – Take care of employees, stop the business haemorrhaging while maintaining vital business operations
  • Recovery – Focus on stability. Develop a plan to return to business as usual. Quantify resources and objectives
  • Renew – Execution of renewed business plans and processes. Review the strategy again

COVID-19 business impacts have driven Process Excellence (PX), IT Service Management (ITSM), and ServiceNow. While most companies struggled to deal with Covid-19 disruption, ServiceNow won big with 45% Share Growth, 34% revenue growth and $0.24 earnings per share – performance well beyond forecast-ed growth.

There is a reason for this success, and the reason is rapid solution scalability to meet new business needs. All business sectors are impacted by this Global Covid-19 Pandemic, and Service Now has offered specialized best practices to automate CASE MANAGEMENT BUSINESS WORKFLOWS to recognize fast time to adjust to new market changes.

ServiceNow offered business community solution to enable rapid Emergency Response to critical business flows with critical service management far beyond IT, including:

  • Health and Government Services
  • Emergency Outreach and Response Management
  • Secure Remote Service Application Service Catalog
  • Emergency Impact Business Continuity Services
  • Emergency Response Communications
  • HR Processes, Remote Access , onboarding /offboarding
  • Security
  • Facilities
  • and IT Service Management

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