The Right Mix for Digital Transformation

The Right Mix for Digital Transformation

Lack of Skills Threatens Digital Transformation 58% of workforces report skill transformations since the onset of the (Covid-19) pandemic.

Gartner Group Lack of Skills Threatens Digital Transformation 07.20/20 by Scott Engler

Digital Transformation is bigger than IT alone. 70% of companies have a digital transformation strategy drafted or in the works. +27% of Digital Transformation effort is being lead by C level management. The primary issue with Digital Transformation is evidence of measurable return on technology investment and how to gain alignment and satisfaction with internal stakeholders, is the number one concern for 64% of Digital Transformation Project Sponsors.

The Top expected benefits of digital transformation:
  • 40% aimed improved operational efficiency
  • 36% focused on enabling faster and more competitive time to market
  • 35% seek to improve customer experience and meet changing customer expectations
What is the key to leading Digital Transformation making it last, and delivering evidence of success for investment?
  • 68% of Digital Transformation Enablers involve people, process, and Artificial Intelligence
  • It requires continuous process improvement and organizational change management at all levels of the enterprise,
  • Requires C-level alignment and leadership redefinition not possible in siloe-d traditional environments.
BEFORE the Covid Pandemic
  • IDC estimates 40 % of IT spending will go toward digital transformations, with spending of + $2 trillion in 2019. 
  • More people own a mobile device than a toothbrush
  • 21% feel that they have completed digital transformation, yet Forbes found 70% of those efforts failed.
AFTER the COVID Pandemic
  • 70% of Enterprises have planned spend on continued Digital Transformation
  • 52% of those enterprises, plan on increasing investment to address new challenges of COVID
  • 18 % are planning to reduce spend on digital transformation.
  • eCommerce efforts enabled, and drove increased demand for online services with delivery that supplied millions worldwide on shelter at home
  • 76% of small businesses would need to embrace digital transformation from brick and mortar stores to responsive eCommerce Websites to operate

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