Top Talent Engagement: Why SUNW Brand Loyalty persists decades post sunset

Top Talent Engagement: Why SUNW Brand Loyalty persists decades post sunset

SILICON VALLEY, CALIFORNIA 08/31/2020 The last few months were a challenge for me personally. Whatever happens however, I am so blessed by the Sun Microsystem’s Experience- the heart of Open Source Solutions for all times. 11 years later, we still loved the company, its leaders, and our colleagues. We still enjoy the ability to kick but and have fun.

A positive work culture does much for retention and can Increase Revenue 4x, Quality Employee Experience and Customer Experience got really challenging at the start of this year. It’s no underestimation that most, if not all, ,executive leadership speculation questions who answered, “where do you see yourselves in 10 years?”, were wrong.

This is not one of those “I told you so stories”, of treat your employees well and you survive. It is a story of creating a culture so compelling, that your brand and employee’s are forever connected with quality!

With Covid-19 Global Pandemic in full swing, the battle for talent and employee engagement rages on. A Forbes article reported that Corporate Culture Does Drive Financial Revenue. But this is not a story of here in 2010, gone in post COVID pandemic 2020. This is a story about creating a timeless lasting brand identity.

September 11 marks the 19 year beginning of the end of the company known as Sun Microsystems. It was sold 8 years later to Oracle, but the way our leadership worked together, the transparency, and the challenges of doing a job that you knew would result in your work and others being outsourced was an act of faith and partnership.

We loved one another, we loved the brand. What we had at Sun was for most of us something we still describe as the best company, best job ever. It was not easy, and in fact the last decade leading up to the Oracle Acquisition was tough. But make no mistake. Sun Microsystems employee’s still feel a strong affinity to the brand that was SunW, a sense of pride in accomplishment, innovation, collaboration, and continued participation, years after the sun set.

We loved our work, we loved our partnership, we loved solving challenging problems, diversity, mobile work, technology innovation,, and meaningful social causes. When Sun had to take Reductions in Force, we created the helping friends Jobs N Career Network to keep in touch.

We Stayed Connected! Some started business, and hired from the network. Some of the executives we put in jobs, hired from the network because they KNEW Sun people had capabilities and a passion for their work.

One of the largest most successful Silicon Valley CEOs, is our Scott McNealy, a authentic Leader who describes the Covid as a Panic-demic and an Info-demic. We will see far reaching affects, way beyond the disease itself.

The ability to be remote, at Sun, we had created incredible technology. It was big then, but creating a culture and enabling work from anywhere, is even bigger now.

The winners and losers were picked by government- not an ideal situation as the cascade effect is at a high tax rate, with 3.7 Trillion budget deficit this year alone. Tax revenues are plummetting because people can not make money.

We are experiencing devaluation of money as a result. Cash is still king. Companies with a good online web ecommerce presence at the time everyone stops shopping in brick and mortar shops in favor of online shopping.

30,000 Healthcare employees from Mayo Clinic. We need to innovate to keep healthcare solutions thriving. Now more than ever.

Top Technology that will continue is Artificial Intelligence, where do the new jobs come from? Two areas of increased growth and spending is in Security and Healthcare.

Security advancements in physical, cyber fraud prevention, improved online government, risk and compliance manpower to deal with the impacts of Covid. Healthcare needs innovation for attacking our health, and how to restore and maintain our quality of life.


  • ” You already have zero privacy, get over it”
  • “Free services (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Telecommunications) implies that you are not the customer, you are the product. ”
  • “We are all wearing ankle bracelets. The only way we are going to solve the security problem is to make America about personal choices.”
  • “Yes we have a dress code (at Sun Microsystems). You Must!”
  • “Who cares who is the captain after the wings have fallen off?”

You are NOT Alone!

I am grateful to my treasured colleagues. This week I was reminded this, when in my own covid related crisis. No matter where I am , no matter what happens in life, you can count on me to help you. And thank you for being a positive continued support in my life as well!!

We are increasing our volunteer network and focus to serve our growing Covid-19 Crisis Employment world task force. We have provided Covid-19 and California Wildfire resources from our crisis volunteer network.

From September 11, 2001, until September 11, 2009 the Open Jobs N Career Network and Global Recruiting Communities put thousands of laid off colleagues, family and friends back to work and created career wellness, in crisis. We will double our efforts to help more who suffer.

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